Macro Fiber Composite Amplifier (2008)

This program, sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, focuses on the development of high power, high voltage amplifiers to drive airfoil surface actuators made from a piezoelectric material called macro fiber composite (MFC). The actuators control blade stall, noise, flutter, and other aerodynamic phenomena on UAVs and other advanced aircraft. Proper control of these phenomena can dramatically increase mission range and flight speed, and reduce drag, vibration, and noise in a variety of helicopters and aircraft.

DTI's MFC power amplifier is compact,, light (~6lbs.), very efficient (>90%), offering high reactive power (~.5 kVA). The power module can produce high voltages (-500 V to +2000 V) from low voltage input (12 VDC to 48 VDC). It is ideal for driving MFC material wherever light weight and small volume are considerations. It is capable of a frequency of up to 100 Hz, making it suitable for helicopter applications. It is currently being considered for driving MFC actuators on a 4 bladed active twist rotor (ATR) drone helicopter.